My Guide To Starting A Travel Blog

how to start a travel blog

In this day and age many people think about becoming a travel blogger, especially if it is not an entirely serious thing, blogging is now more accessible than ever before so there is no reason why you shouldn’t start a travel blog. You may be thinking “how do I start a travel blog” and the question is one that is not overly difficult to answer, but here is my short guide to getting yours going.


Starting up


The first logical step is deciding what you will actually write about, of course if you are reading this then the idea is something related to travel. Having a short and snappy name is very important for your blog, if you want people to visit it you will want a name that is easy to remember and won’t be forgotten on the way home.

Getting a website

In order to blog, you obviously need a website to get your content on. I would recommend a WordPress website of some description and I would highly recommend getting your own and not a free website. I find that when you do this you have a reason to use it and the problem with free sites is that you are more than likely to forget about them because you haven’t got anything invested in them.


Things you need to keep going

A little time

The single hardest thing about having a blog is of course finding the time to write for it. I think that this should be by no means a chore, but it is always a good idea to plan when you blog. For me, I really like to do it on specific days of the week and now it has become my routine. I like doing it on Mondays and Wednesdays, which I find to be the hardest days of the week. I think injecting a little creative energy is great to get you through these days.

A creative spirit

Of course it helps to have a little bit of skill in telling a story, but this is certainly something that you will most certainly get the more you write. Of course writing is a very fun way to pass the time and I find that writing a blog is very easy because it comes from you and not somebody else. Telling your story is not always easy, but it can be hugely rewarding and is a great life skill.