What Not to Miss in Ibiza

Ibiza. What comes to mind when you think of this island paradise? If you think of all-night-long parties, you’re probably not alone! Ibiza is well known for its party scene and is a destination for many bachelor parties and others looking for a great time. But partying definitely isn’t the only thing to do on this gorgeous island. Ibiza is a paradise for anyone looking for a well-rounded trip including daytime activities, beach relaxing, great food and fun evenings. Of course there’s a stellar night scene, but during the days you’re going to want to check out these great things to do:biiza

Eat at El Olivo

During the daytime hours, you’re going to have plenty of time to explore the gastronomical finds to be had on Ibiza. Did you know that Ibiza is a great hub for amazing food? Stop by El Olivo and you’ll see (and taste) why. It’s got the perfect combination of delectable and fresh Balearic and Catalan inspired cuisine, and sleek, fashionable interior. Try a traditional dish of Spanish black rice with squid, because you can’t spend time on an island like this without imbibing in some interesting seafood dishes!


Chill out at Jockey Club

Are you craving some of the exclusive beach club scene on Ibiza? Hanging out at Jockey Club is sure to give you that fix! This beach bar is trendy but yet casual, so you won’t feel too pretentious hanging out here. It’s an ideal spot to sit outside and enjoy some sunshine, cocktails and people-watching! They serve up a great fish lunch and spin tunes all day. Be ready to spend a bit more than you would elsewhere, but it’s all for the exclusive atmosphere and quality service.

Visit Formentera

If you’ve been visiting Ibiza for a while and are looking to explore a nearby spot, hop on a quick boat to Formentera which is just a 20 minute ride from Ibiza. The beaches and scenery here are very similar to Ibiza but it has a very untouched feel, as though you’ve gone back in time. There are tons of cycling paths so you can walk or bike around rather than take a bus. There are small hotels if you want to stay a night, or you can just take a quick ferry back to Ibiza after exploring for the day.