Where Should You Live in London?

London is a large city with a diverse culture and when you are looking for a place to live, finding the right area for you can sometimes be difficult. Of course you want to find the best place in London to live, your choice of area will depend on your budget, the neighbourhood and your interests. London is a city that most definitely has something for everyone, there will always be an area out there that is perfect for you. So before you make your final decision, here is a quick description of the main areas in the big city.

North London

This is an area where you will find some of the best houses in London, unfortunately they also come with a fairly high price tag. The places where you will find the most expensive properties are; Marylebone, St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale and Archway to name a few. If you are looking for something with more of a reasonable price then you can take a look at Kentish town or West Hampstead.

South London

Here you will get more space for you money and generally find some less costly properties. Some of the best places to look at in this area are Clapham and Wimbledon, they usually have newer properties.

East London

East London is one of the more hip places in the capital, here you will find a wide variety of alternative lifestyles and many interesting things going on. You can find some expensive places in this area, Shoreditch is not the cheapest option but you can find some good deals. Also take a look tat Wapping and Bethnal Green for some great properties.

West London

This is the place that the whole world knows, it is here that you will find Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. You will be with in close range of all the royal ceremonies that take place throughout the year, be able to head down to Hyde Park for a picnic in the summer and go to see the Welsh guards outside the palace. It goes without saying that most of the areas are quite pricey, the cheaper options are in Earl’s Court or Fulham.

Northwest London

This is right up there with the other expensive areas on this list, you will find some of the best restaurants, bars and market the city has to offer. The best places to live here would be Camden, Notting Hill and Kilburn.

Southeast London

Here you can find many affordable places to live. There are great transport links that will help you commute to work each day and be within easy reach of great places at the weekend. The places to look at here are Canary Wharf, Docklands and Greenwich. There are other less attractive and cheaper areas that you can find close by.

Southwest London

If you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy big open spaces then this is the place for you. If you choose to stay here you will be in the area of Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. This is a very popular location for families because of the parks, shops and restaurants. Some of the best places here are; Chiswick, Richmond and Twickenham.