Summer Jobs Abroad – Our Pick of the Best Options


All major ski resorts in France have chalets that host visitors during the skiing vacations and which require services of extra workers, especially during the peak season. Working in a ski chalet in France can be hard and tiring but very rewarding: you get to meet and interact with different people, and work in some of Europe’s most beautiful skiing locations.


Working in a ski chalet you are responsible for creating a habitable environment for your guests and making them feel at home away from home. You are also expected to be able to prepare three meals in a day which include breakfast, lunch and supper. You should also be able to provide housekeeping services to your guests making sure the chalets are clean and tidy throughout the stay. Managing the budget of the chalet by preparing varied menus that balance on the books is also your responsibility. Experience in hospitality would be a big plus here.

DO CAMP AMERICA                 

A summer job at Camp America rewards you with a unique cultural experience as you get to meet different kinds of people from all over the world while indulging in the area of work that you feel most comfortable in. The camp also offers different kinds of camps from faith based to sports and disability camps for children.

The roles that you can get engaged in include:

  • Counsellor: This role is quite exciting. You get involved in all camp activities and take care of the children as you ensure the general well being of the campers. You are also housed with them and supervise them throughout the night.
  • Advanced Skills Counsellor: In this role all you require is your special skills in your favorite sport, craft, music, disability or any special skill that you may use to entertain or coach the campers. You are also charged with taking care of the campers and are housed with them.
  • Campower Role:  In this role you do not deal with the children but work behind the scenes to ensure smooth running of camp activities. This involves meal preparations, cleaning and maintenance of bunks in the camping zone.


Jasper is an ideal location for summer jobs, its beautiful National Parks attract a lot of tourists and hence hospitality jobs and hotel work are aplenty especially during the peak season. There are numerous parks where you can find seasonal jobs including restaurants, hotels and retail stores in Jasper town which do hire in the summer period.

The best times to find work in Jasper is between the months of May and October. Some of the basic requirements for summer jobs in Jasper include basic housekeeping skills, cleaning, preparation of meals and general hospitality skills.

The jobs that you are likely to find include food and beverage serving, kitchen help or chef jobs, clerking in front office motels and hotels or retail associates, and room cleaners. Some jobs such as tour guides, trail guides and rafting guides may earn you more than the above jobs but are also more risky.