Tips for Travelling New Zealand on a Strict Budget

New Zealand is a dream destination for so many travellers, it’s on nearly everyone’s bucket list. With it’s towering mountain ranges, glaciers and sweeping landscapes it ticks most of the boxes when looking for an adventure. There’s only one drawback when choosing New Zealand as your destination , the cost! Travelling around New Zealand can sometimes work out to be expensive, but if you’re travelling all the way there then you have to make sure you have a great holiday. So it’s important to save money where you can so that you can splash out on those must do activities. Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of your budget.

1) Staying connected

Using wifi in New Zealand can be very expensive, even a lot of the cafes will have limited wifi and will often charge you for using it. Constantly paying for wifi is slowly going to chip away at your budget. So keep an eye out for public libraries and McDonalds, both of these places offer free wifi.

2) Changing your money at the right time

You should always try to buy your New Zealand dollars when they are cheap. Try to monitor the currency before you travel, the currency can change from time to time. When you see a dip in it’s value it’s time to buy, buy a lot because you are sure to need it when on the road.

3) Get a good deal on your airfare

Try to sign up for email alerts from the major airlines that fly to New Zealand. Long haul flights to New Zealand aren’t cheap so you should try your best to get the best value that you can. There’s no harm in signing up for email alerts, it make it easy to keep an eye on any good deals. The alerts will inform you when there are discounts or bargains on offer.

4) Cook your own food

Eating out in New Zealand can be expensive, so try to cook for yourself as much as possible. Cooking your own food will save you a lot of money in the long run and free up a lot of money to use on other activities.

5) Try to do a mix of paid and free activities

There are a lot of free things to do in New Zealand, the good thing is that most of them are outdoors and activity based. Hiking is usually free in the national parks and you can always go and lie on the beach for no charge.

6) Drinking tap water

Bring a refillable bottle with you, the tap water in New Zealand is safe to drink and it always tastes good because the water is usually coming straight from the melting snow in the mountains.

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