Discover the Best Museums in Amsterdam This Year

Amsterdam is a city known for its wonderful attractions, with museums getting a lion’s share of the tourist visits compared to other amusements. Famous for its collection of archaeological, cultural, and historical exhibits housed across several institutions, Amsterdam is basically a museum itself! From the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum to Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum, tourists will be spoilt on a trip to the Dutch capital this year.

Along with several other smaller museums, these giant artifact-institutions attract millions of visitors every year. From Golden Age and Renaissance art works to several modern art, film, theatre and photographic exhibits, Amsterdam is a city that continuously boasts its rich heritage. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Amsterdam this year, here are a few museums that feature under the must-visit category.

Paradise for Art lovers

The Rijksmuseum & Stedelijk museum are two of the largest museums in the city, each hosting a huge collection of cultural artifacts. Their collection of unique, yet amusing paintings, prints and photography is sure to show you a different side of Amsterdam, and with both of these museums undergoing renovations, these houses of history exhibit an evolution of vast heritage. Furthermore, it can be disputed that these museums are the second best art museums in the world after The Louvre.

Anne Frank House

This is an exclusive house of memories that takes you back in time to the cold-blooded era of the Nazis. One of the most popular destinations in Amsterdam, this is where Anne Frank wrote her memoirs in her famous personal diary, which is one of the key attractions. Anne Frank House also holds the distinction of being her family’s residence too, where they hid from Nazi forces from July 6th 1942 until their betrayal in August, 1944. The hiding enclosures within the house and the exhibition about the concentration camps of Nazi Germany are sure to make your visit a memorable and educational experience.

A Walk with Van Gogh

The Van Gogh museum is one of the finest museums in the world, with millions of tourists visiting the institution annually. Not only is the interesting architecture is a feast to the eye, but the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh which are exhibited here let you take a stroll with the painter through his detailed history. A vast collection of paintings, self-portraits, landscapes, sketches and letters assure you of a true historical tour with one of the greatest artists who lived on the earth.

An interactive exhibition of the artist’s life and his works’ cultural significance are sure to leave you spellbound, and it’s a great place to bring the kids too! Be sure to save money on your airfare to Amsterdam this year by booking at Cheapflights this year.

A Peek at Natural Life

The people of the Netherlands have a strong connection with nature, and it comes as no surprise that this country is culturally depicted with windmills. The zoo at Amsterdam is a must-visit place for its natural beauty, and its large botanical gardens and flower fields are a treat to see, especially if you visit them in spring when they are in full bloom. The Botanical Garden, also one of the earliest attractions in city’s history, still holds its name in Latin, Hortus Botanicus. With its serene climate, blooming flora and abundant animal life, the zoos and gardens of Amsterdam provide a wonderful experience for tourists who have an eye for nature.